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Happy Valentine’s Day!






Happy Hearts’ Day, everyone!!!
Did you make or buy some chocolates and cookies for some people this Valentine’s Day?
Well, the truth is I could not prepare anything for this year’s Valentine’s celebration…
One of the reasons is because I have been feeling sick for a few days now (but I feel much better now).
It is also the reason why I cancelled some of my lessons this past few days. I would like to apologize, Mommies and Daddies… I am terribly sorry for not being able to have my classes with your kids.
And thank you for always being super patient and understanding…

(Oh, let’s go back to Heart’s Day celebration!) Valentines Day occurs every 14th day of February.
For many people, this is a time to show feelings of love and appreciation to those who are dear to them.
I heard that in Japan, women/girls are usually the ones who give something to men/boys on this day.
And on White Day, it will be the men’s turn to give presents to the women who gave them something on Valentine’s Day. (Interesting!)

Do you know that we do not celebrate White Day in the Philippines? But Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated in my country. Many refer to this day as “THE DAY OF LOVE”. It’s a once in a year event where Filipino men struggle to think of the perfect surprise for the women they love and girls excitedly wait for what their guys have in store for them.

Flowers!!! You’ll literally see flowers, may it be a single rose or a whole bouquet, everywhere you look when you go outside, And of course, chocolates always come with flowers on this day of love. . So, if you are single, this day might make you feel a little gloomy and an outcast…

Dates, dates, dates everywhere!!! Filipinos love eating outside, going to different events and attending concerts on Valentine’s Day. Valentine concerts from both local and foreign artists commonly pop up like musrooms before or on this special day, so men/boys save up a lot of money just so they could take their ladylove on one these concerts or events.(Many of them end up broke or penniless after this day, by the way.)

But for the couples who are low on budget, they would just happily spend this special day of love with each other in a park while eating some street foods called “fishball, kwek-kwek and kikiam.” Some would just go window shopping and take many pictures with the Valentine’s Day displays in shopping malls.

I personally do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day… I just find it weird that some people only do these special and extra romantic things on this day when love and appreciation should be should shown and given to your loved ones regularly and not just occasionally… For me, EVERYDAY IS A VALENTINE’s DAY!!!
(Don’t you agree?..)

That would be all for today… Thank you so much, Mommy and Daddies for your continuous support to Englishbuds… Thank you letting your children study and practice English with us…
I do cherish and love them all… Happy, happy Heart’s Day!!!
































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