Minecraft Beginner’s Edition1

開講頻度:年3回(4月、9月、1月)+ 夏休み集中コース

Day1Getting started with Minecraft
Day2How to build a house Part 1
Day3How to build a house? Part 2
Day4How to build a house Part 3
Day5How to build a second floor in Minecraft house?
Day6How to make a swimming pool?
Day7How to make a mini farm and a garden in Minecraft?
Day8Let’s wear armors and cook food.
Day9 “Make a house” competition PART 1
Day10“Make a house” competition PART 2
Minecraft Beginner’s Edition1カリキュラム

Minecraft Begiiner’s Edition 2


Day1Minecraft Amusement Park Part 1
Day2Minecraft Amusement Park Part 2
Day3Minecraft Aquarium
Day4Minecraft Park
Day5Minecraft hide and seek game!
Day6Minecraft Build a Town Part 1
Day7Minecraft Build a Town Part 2
Day8Minecraft Build a Town Part 3
Day9Minecraft Survival Mode Part 1
Day10Minecraft Survival Mode Part 2
Minecraft Beginner’s Edition2 カリキュラム

Minecraft Begiiner’s Edition 3


Day1Pixel Art 1 
Make a pixel art of characters in Minecraft using concrete blocks. 
Day2Pixel Art 2 
Make your own pixel art of your favorite cartoon characters or Minecraft characters. 
Day3Simple Machine 
Learn what you can do with a button, pressure plate, lever, and more in Minecraft. 
Day4Redstone Basics Part 1 
Introduce the concept of redstone and how it can be used to create machines and devices.
Day5Redstone Basics Part 2 
Make a secret underground base with sticky piston and more in Minecraft. 
Day6Redstone Basics Part 3 
Make a secret hidden door with sticky piston and more in Minecraft. 
Day7Building Challenges Part 1
Challenge students to build specific structures or objects within a time limit 
Day8Building Challenges Part 2
Challenge students to build specific structures or objects within a time limit 
Day9Exploring the Nether
Introduce the Nether, a dangerous and mysterious dimension in Minecraft 
Explain the dangers and challenges of exploring the Nether 
Have students explore the Nether and gather valuable resources like Nether Quartz and Glowstone 
Day10Endgame Challenges 
Introduce the End, the final dimension in Minecraft 
Explain the challenges of defeating the Ender Dragon, the boss of the End 
Have students work together to defeat the Ender Dragon

Minecraft Begiiner’s Edition 4


Day1Introduction to Command Blocks
What are command blocks?
How to open the command block interface.
Basic understanding of commands: /say and /tp.
Activity: Type /say Hello, Minecraft! in a command block.
Day2Moving Around with Commands
Recap: What is a command?
Introduction to movement commands: /tp and /summon.
Activity: Teleport your character using /tp coordinates.
Day3Adding Items with Commands
Review: What are command blocks and commands?
Learn /give command to get items.
Activity: Use /give to get cool items.
Day4Spawning Mobs
What are mobs?
Introduce /summon command for spawning mobs.
Activity: Summon a friendly animal using /summon.
Day5Making Things Disappear
Recap: How to use commands for items and mobs.
Introduction to /kill command to make things disappear.
Activity: Use /kill to make an item vanish.
Day6Building with Blocks
How to use /setblock to place blocks.
Understanding coordinates for precise block placement.
Activity: Build a tower with /setblock and different blocks.
Day7Time and Weather Commands
Introduction to time and weather commands.
Learn /time set and /weather commands.
Activity: Change the time of day and weather.
Day8Teleporting Fun
Review: What commands have we learned?
Dive deeper into /tp command for teleporting.
Activity: Create a teleportation station using command blocks.
Day9Custom Signs and Messages
How to use /setblock for creating custom signs.
Adding messages and fun phrases.
Activity: Make a welcoming sign using /setblock.
Day10Putting It All Together
Recap: What have we learned in the past 9 sessions?
Group activity: Build a simple adventure map using command blocks.
Show and tell: Each student shares their favorite command creation.
Minecraft Beginner’s Edition4 カリキュラム・日程