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Good day, everyone!

This is Teacher Mel.

Mommy Kayo has decided to let Teacher Madel and I share some of our thoughts and stories here on Englishbuds page. I have always loved writing, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I wrote something as I am always busy with many things. So you cannot imagine how excited I was when Mommy Kayo messaged me and asked me if I would like to write for Englishbuds once in a while. I could not reply immediately to Mommy Kayo’s message because my mind automatically went busy thinking about the things that I would love to share with the readers.

Ironically, when I was about to start writing my first entry for Englishbuds’ page, I could not think of a topic to talk about. So I have decided to first share with you how ENGLISHBUDS was established.

I guess not so many of you know that I was a journalist before I became an online English teacher. I had always wanted to become a writer or a news reporter. It was my childhood dream. I can still clearly remember myself watching CNN news and mimicking how those reporters talked while they were reporting on TV. I used to have this old voice recorder when I was young. Whenever I was alone and had nothing to do, I would grab newspapers, turn on the recorder and read some news aloud, trying my very best to sound like those CNN news reporters (it helped me improve my pronunciation and accent a lot, mind you).

Luckily after college, I was able to work as a journalist at one of the oldest and biggest newspaper companies in my country. It was a dream come true for me.

But working on a night shift eventually took its toll on my health. I got so thin and sickly looking that I later on decided to just go back home and find another job. But the biggest reason why I decided to leave that job was because it showed me the harsh realities of life. I had witnessed so many unfortunate and heart-wrenching events during my time as a journalist. I was sad. We should not keep doing the things that only make us feel sad, should we?

After that, I tried so many other jobs, one after another. Until one day a neighbor told me about online English teaching.  English was my favorite subject at school, so I decided to give it a go. I attended the training and started teaching online when I was 23 ( I have been teaching online for 14 years now, yey ).

I am not sure if I should call it DESTINY or a BEAUTIFUL SERENDIPITY, but because of this job I met Mommy Kayo, my best friend. Her daughter was only 3 when she first became my student. She was a very pretty but shy little girl. But I was so amazed that she could already read and speak English so well at her age. She was very smart (she always is). She had my lessons then almost everyday. And everytime,without a miss, Mommy Kayo would always leave beautiful and heartwarming comments about how I handled my lessons with her daughter. Mommy Kayo did not know it, but I was always looking forward to reading her comments. Those comments of appreciation inspired me a lot to do better. She continued having lessons with me even after I left the company where I used to work. Until Mommy Kayo’s son, and Mommy Kayo herself started having lessons with me as well. But when my son started going to school, I started working for an online English school again to support my family. I had to work from early morning until really late at night with just a few breaktime.
Mommy Kayo got so worried about me as she would sometimes hear me with almost no voice because of having too many classes. She then asked me about how much I was getting a month from my job. She was so shocked upon hearing my answer. The next night, Mommy Kayo suddenly told me that she had a plan. She told me that she wanted to help me get higher income but most importantly, she wanted me to live a healthier lifestyle and spend more time with my family. She said she was going to make an online lesson webpage for me and she would start blogging to introduce me to Japanese parents who let their children study English online.

To be honest, I was not sure if Mommy Kayo’s plans would really materialize as many online teachers have already tried establishing their own online English school and failed in the end. But I was so happy, I was more than just happy that there was this one person who cared so much about me. Did you know that Mommy Kayo made Englishbuds homepage all by herself? Amazing, right? She worked so hard to establish Englishbuds to help me.Then one day, she told me, “Mel we are ready. Englishbuds is ready. Will you quit your job and start teaching for Englishbuds?” I quickly answered, “Yes!”Mommy Kayo sometimes still asks me if I did not worry about about not having enough students then, if I had doubts. Honestly, NO… I had no doubts… I was grateful and exhilirated…I was excited to take on that new phase of my life with Mommy Kayo. I was excited to meet students and show them how fun and useful learning English is. I was excited and looking forward to making Englishbuds bigger with Mommy Kayo to help more English learners and online teachers.

It has been almost 5 years since Englishbuds started its service online. We can never thank you all enough for letting your children learn and practice English with us. I would like to also apologize for all my shortcomings. I really get so forgetful at times. I am deeply sorry. And thank you so much for being so patient and understanding.

To Mommy Kayo, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being always there for me… Thank you for always believing in me… Thank you for believing that I can be more and I can do more. You are my FAIRY GOD MOTHER… Thank you for ENGLISHBUDS… Because of you, I got to meet these wonderful people and really amazing students.

For me, my students are the best in the world. Thank you all, Mommies and Daddies, for all your trust and support. Oh, well, I guess I am being a bit dramatic here already. That would be all for now, Mommies and Daddies.

Please expect more blog entries from me in the coming weeks. I am so thrilled to share more things about my country, about how we study English here, and share some tips on how you can effectively let your children learn Englishin a fun way.

Thank you so very much and have an incredible and funfilled weekend.









それを「運命」もしくは「素敵な偶然の出会い」と呼ぶべきなのでしょうか。この仕事のおかげで、私は私のベストフレンドであるMommyKayoと出会いました。彼女の娘が私の生徒になった時、彼女の娘はわずか3歳でした。彼女の娘はとてもかわいらしく、シャイな女の子でした。しかし私は彼女がすでに英語を読めて話せることにとても驚きました。彼女はとても賢かったです。(常にですが。) 彼女はそれから私のレッスンをほぼ毎日受けました。そして毎回必ず、MommyKayoは美しい心温まるコメント、どのようにレッスンで彼女の娘を扱うべきかについてを残してくれたものです。MommyKayoは知らないでしょう。でも私はいつも彼女のコメントを読むことを楽しみにしていました。それら感謝のコメントはより良いレッスンをしようと私をとても励ましてくれました。彼女は私がかつて働いていた会社を去った後も私とレッスンを受け続けてくれました。彼女の息子とMommyKayo自身までもが私とのレッスンを始めてくれました。しかし私の息子が学校へ通い始めたので、私は家族を養うためにオンライン英会話スクールで再び働き始めました。私は早朝から深夜までをわずかな休憩時間だけで働かなければなりませんでした。

皆さんはMommyKayoがEnglishbudsのサイトをすべて彼女一人で作ったことを知っていますか? 凄いですよね。 彼女は私を助けるためにEnglishbudsを設立することために一生懸命働いてくれました。そしてある日、「メル、準備できたよ。Englishbudsができた。仕事を辞めて、Englishbudsで働き始めて。」と。私は即答しました。「もちろん!」 MommyKayoは時々今でもあの時十分な生徒さんが持てないのではないかと心配しなかったか、疑っていなかったかと聞きます。本当に、何の疑いもなく、私は感謝しワクワクしていました。私はMommyKayoと一緒に私の人生の新しい局面に挑戦することにワクワクしていました。私は生徒の皆さんに出会うこと、そして皆さんに英語を学ぶ楽しさと有益さを伝えることにもワクワクしていました。MommyKayoと一緒に英語学習者とオンラインの講師を助けるためにEnglishbudsを大きくしていくことを楽しみにしていました。















もっと美しく訳したかったのですが力量が・・・( -_-)


















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